Hatedate With Singer Wendy Sweetlove

Hatedate With Singer Wendy Sweetlove

The No Fucks Given Tour With Delightful Wendy Sweetlove!

Show notes

Linda admires Wendy's "amazing rack"! Wendy dishes on pushy dates, fans who know a little too much, and of course, sex! Listen to this chatty, fun episode, then seek out singer, songwriter Wendy Sweetlove's amazing work!

Recording Artist and songwriter Wendy Sweetlove.   Wendy's Website: www.wendysweetlove.com Twitter:@drealsweetlove Facebook: www.facebook.com/wendysweetlove

This was taped at the Hatedate Live show at Three Clubs in Hollywood. The next Hatedate Live show with be February 19, 2017 at Three Clubs.

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