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Hatedate With Genevive Joy

Feb 27, 202062 minutes

Linda and author, comedian and actress Genevive Joy talk about old flames, new fires and never really knowing if you’ve “blocked” someone for good!  @catfightjoy on Instagram www.genevivejoy.com

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Hatedate With Ann Marie Lindbloom

Nov 20, 201948 minutes

Hatedate with Renee Pietrangelo

Oct 17, 201926 minutes

Have YOU dated famous rock stars? Renee Pietrangelo has!

Hatedate with Sharon Houston

Jun 19, 201930 minutes

Sharon Tells Linda About Her Ashley Madison Ordeal

Hatedate with Julie Ofcharsky

May 10, 201847 minutes

Julie Tells Linda About the Anal Christian!

Hatedate with Emily Marilyn

Apr 23, 201834 minutes

Talking Catheter Sex with a Gorgeous Fetish Model!

Hatedate with David William Montgomery

Dec 14, 201744 minutes

Too Gay for Football But Just Enough for Beyonce

Hatedate with Danielle Perez

Nov 16, 201739 minutes

What happens when the TSA finds your dildo?

Hatedate with Traci Swartz

Nov 6, 201742 minutes

Linda Chats with Traci Swartz

Hatedate With Scott Stabile

Oct 13, 201739 minutes

Linda sits down with writer Scott Stabile

Hatedate With Gabi Conti

Sep 7, 201739 minutes

Hatedate With Gabi Conti

Hatedate With Jonathan Bradley Welch

Sep 7, 201749 minutes

Hatedate With Jonathan Bradley Welch

Hatedate Live with Lisa Dickey

Jul 12, 201714 minutes

Lisa Dickey at Hatedate Live

Hatedate with Brock Wilbur

Jun 30, 201715 minutes

Brock Wilbur Recorded at Hatedate Live

Hatedate with David Crabb

Jun 13, 201742 minutes

Linda and David discuss bad romance...turned good!

Hatedate with Megan Hayes

May 24, 201736 minutes

Linda and Megan Hayes (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire)

Hatedate Live With Beowulf Jones

May 8, 201714 minutes

Hatedate Live: Beowulf Jones Attempts Romance With a Hooker

Hatedate with Deana Barone

Apr 25, 201746 minutes

Masturbating In the Car While Making Out with a Pregnant Woman??

Hatedate with Ryan Smith

Apr 12, 201727 minutes

A Knock Out Dating Experience from Ryan Smith!

Hatedate with Amanda McCann

Apr 6, 201720 minutes

Dating Fuddruckers Cheapskates and Freaking Out Over Fries!

Hatedate With Jennifer Skornik

Mar 24, 201726 minutes

How Talking about Doctor Who Lead to Engagement! And

Hatedate Live With Sam Fierstein

Mar 1, 201721 minutes

Sometimes You Need A Lawyer To Get Rid of An Ex!

Hatedate With Guest John Flynn

Feb 21, 201734 minutes

John Flynn had an intimate encounter with a little person!

Hatedate Live With Joan Ford

Feb 13, 201715 minutes

Hatedate Live With Joan Ford

Hatedate With Linda Bailey Walsh and Guest Sam Fierstein

Feb 6, 201739 minutes

Linda Bailey Walsh confronts Sam Fierstein chat about Tindr!

Hatedate With Linda Bailey Walsh and Guest Adam Fisher

Jan 17, 201718 minutes

Putting a Cowboy Hat on Your Pecker!

Premiere of Hatedate with Margee Magee and Host Linda Bailey Walsh

Jan 12, 201721 minutes

Dick pics and Plan B! What's your boob size?!

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